"Our commitment is to achieve absolute excellence at all times"  

About Us

United Trades was formed in September of 1998, with the Vision in creating a company, which has the ability to provide its clients with a complete service.

We found that in industry, at the time trade standards were boarder line dangerous and that something had to be done. Bringing pride back into our trade platforms we found that even our competitors started following suit and we experienced unexpected growth speeds, so rapid that we found we needed to set up a management structure to ensure our standards were always kept high.

The Operational Management team comprises the Managing Director with an Operations Manager as deputy. As the team leaders in each trade, service area report directly to the Operations Manager.

Adopting a 'flat' Management Structure based on a team response attitude we have assembled a company of specialised personnel who know their job – and can meet your every expectation professionally.

Experienced teams are available to undertake the various works set out in your specs. At United Trades Electrical we are keen to undertake your project and ready to work.

We are an Trades organisation with the skills and experience to match the biggest in the industry. Our commitment to you, our client, is to provide only the best quality service, personnel and advice to meet your needs. All our personnel are fully trained, certified and capable.

We maintain a flexible approach to meeting your needs and will accommodate specialised requirements to ensure you get what you want. In this regards most other companies will only offer you their service on their terms and conditions. In respect to our client's base all our operatives are trained not only to provide full trade services but also, to maintain good public relations with all of your staff and most importantly your present and future customers.

As part of our commitment to improving our client service we are undergoing constant reviews of procedures. Our management, team leaders and staff are not only able to meet your companies expected level of standard but we also expect to exceed all expectations.

In line with these procedures are our own requirements of continuing service upgrade in which we establish specific criteria in conjunction with you for specific performance measurement and reporting.

Our aim is to provide you with cost effective service to allow you to concentrate on your business / activity with the knowledge and complete assurance your business concerns are fully addressed.
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