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On Site Procedures and Control

Agreed Procedures

When carrying our duties for any client, United Trades Electrical personnel will always rely on procedures and requirements laid down in the Company's Standard Procedures Manual- unless the customer specifies other requirements particular to that site or situation. By adopting the SOP Model you can be assured that the most thorough tests and measurements can be applied to ensure safety of your staff, facilities and products or services.

Equal Employment Opportunities [EEO]

In line with our Operating Procedures, United Trades Electric al has developed a model. Importantly an integral part of our feedback mechanism and United Trades Services staff will required to ensure that all non-compliances are reported and corrective action initiative.

United Trades Electrical is an EEO employer and takes pride in ensuring that EEO practices is an essential part of our operations.

In assigning any operative to a particular location or situation we take care to ensure a match between the individual(s) assigned to the task(s) and the environment.


United Trades Electrical seeks to install a keen, positive attitude and co-operation, cohesive team spirit in all its employees. To this end the selection process dovetails with the Team orientation of the company by ensuring only those who can work and operate in a team atmosphere are selected.

All employees are physically fit and are encouraged to train and participate in sports to maintain a high level of physical fitness. This further ensures their stability for the position, to which they are assigned.
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